Thursday, August 25, 2005

Letter from Marcos to Belanzaurán

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
Translated by irlandesa

Zapatista Army of National Liberation


August 22, 2005

For: Fernando Belanzaurán
Secretary de Formación [of Training] for the CEN of the PRD

From: SupMarcos
Secretary of De-Formation of the Waistline, EZLN

Señor Belanzaurán:

Forgive me for not having responded immediately to your letter, published in La Jornada’s Correo Ilustrado of August 18, 2005, but it so happens that we were rather busy with the preparation meeting with social organizations and movements which support the Sixth. But here I am now, willing to improve my manners (although not my figure).

Let me tell you that your letter moved me almost to tears. I understand your distress at finding yourself “in the gallows of the moral bonfire” where we frequently place those who publicly dissent from our positions. I imagine that it would be more comfortable to receive bullets, kidnappings and torture (which is what you do with those who “publicly dissent” from the positions of the PRD), incidents which, as you make quite clear, are not “sufficiently serious” (after all, they were just a few indigenous who, in addition, are leaders of nothing but their own destiny, and they do not hold any political training positions) to justify the wrath which, in addition to the tummy, the former zapatudo sex symbol, c’est a dire, the Sup, is exhibiting.

But, even being aware of your difficult situation, that is not why I have been moved by your words, but rather the justified indignation they reflect. Believe me, Señor Belanzaurán, that I understand that the indigenous are ingrates (“and wretches,” María Félix would say). It so happens that the PRD saved their lives twice (because in January of 1994 and in February of 1995, the people were mobilized by the PRD, isn’t that so?), and these ungrateful and irreverent Indians, not satisfied with staying alive, are still demanding democracy, liberty and justice. Even more, those ill-mannered persons had the audacity to denounce the bad faith and betrayal of that “Olympus” of good consciences which is the PRD leadership. As to lack of understanding, no way.

Listen Señor Belanzaurán, allow me a question. It is obvious that the PRD’s Political Training does not include the subjects of “principles,” “party history,” “debate and discussion,” “self-criticism,” and “review.” But how, when you are training your political groups, do you explain to them that the president of their party, Leonel Cota Montaño, left the PRI when they wouldn’t give him the candidacy for governing Baja California Sur, and then he went over to the PRD, he won and during his administration flaunted his nepotism and corruption by privatizing, to the benefit of the large hotel owners, a series of mangrove swamps, an act which will destroy the ecological equilibrium of that state of the Mexican Republic?

I say so because I imagine that you do explain to them how you saved the lives of the zapatistas and why you are the hope of the grateful ones (which, since we are ungrateful, leaves us out - such a shame). But I cannot imagine how you justify to them that so many salinistas are on the team close to AMLO, who says he is being persecuted, attacked and hampered by salinismo.

I understand that AMLO has close to him those who gave advice as to how to fight the EZLN. After all, the ezelenitas are a bunch of ill-mannered ingrates (you have so noted, with dates and all), and you must rein them in (especially the one whose aforementioned width is excessive).

What I do not understand, Señor Belanzaurán, is how you explain to your groups that Gastón Alegre López, one of the richest men in Quintana Roo, bought the PRD nomination for governor of the state for the bargain price of 75,000 dollars. That their candidate for the government of Puebla, Alejandro Villar y Borja, came from a PRI-PVEM coalition district. That Javier Corral Jurado, a PAN senator, was a candidate for the government of Chihuahua for the PRD-PAN (in the propaganda and the webpage for the PAN-PRD alliance, the PRD candidates appear dressed completely in blue and white). That Dante Delgado, rejected previously by the PRD (when AMLO was their president) because of his connections with drug-trafficking, was recently the PRD candidate for the government of Veracruz. That PRD federal deputy Guadalupe Rubio previously won the Benito Juárez Delegation in DF for PAN. That Pablo de Anda, a PAN member from the Benito Juárez Delegation, also in DF, was a local PAN deputy and then a candidate for the PRD for a federal district. That Jorge Campos Murillo, former Assistant Prosecutor of Criminal Proceedings of the Fox PGR (hmm, the same one involved in the desafuero plot) was a PRD candidate for the government of Durango. That José de Jesús Calderón Ojeda, an undercover cop for the Autonoma of Sinaloa, expelled in 1973, Secretary of Government for the PRI Alfonso G. Calderón, accused of participating in the disappearance of political dissidents, joined the PRD and was candidate for the party presidency. That one of the most battle-hardened campaign alchemists of the PRI, cacique from the state of Hidalgo and assassin of PRDs, José Guadarrama Márquez, was a PRD candidate for the government of Hidalgo, and now he controls the party in that state. Excuse me if I don’t go on with more examples. These are just some of the ones sent to us by PRD bases, the ones you concealed in order to avoid responsibilities. Maybe you might provide more data.

Well, then, Señor Belanzaurán, how do you persuade the groups that the PRD-AMLO pair is the option of the left and that everything is going to change when it gains power? How do you convince them to be led by those who persecute, imprison and assassinate their compañeros? How do you instruct them so they can convince the people that they have to vote for the PRD in order to prevent the return of Salinas, the PAN and the PRD?

Fine, Señor Belanzaurán, I won’t take any more of your time. You surely have a lot of work to do, designing the strategy for fighting the salinismo represented by the PRI and the PAN.

Vale. Salud and, I believe, I did not say any bad words this time.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast

By the ungrateful, ill-mannered and vulgar ones of the EZLN.


Mexico, August of 2005