Thursday, August 25, 2005

Marcos: the next meeting & a special offer

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
Translated by irlandesa

Zapatista Army of National Liberation

August 23, 2005

To all those who support the Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona:

Compañeros and compañeras:

Informing you that the next preparation meeting is for Non-Governmental Organizations, Groups, Collectives, etcetera. Arrival is on Friday, August 26, the meeting is Saturday, the 27th, and departure is Sunday, August 28.

The meeting will be in the village of San Miguel, in the territory of the Francisco Gómez MAREZ, Caracol of La Garrucha. San Miguel is about an hour and a half from Ocosingo, on the highway that goes to San Quintín, some 20 minutes after passing Carmen Pataté and the village of Javier Hernández (which is where the meeting with Indigenous Organizations and Indian Peoples was held). According to the latest polls, 98% of those surveyed think that Frayba will provide the audience with a little map showing them how to get there. The other 2% believe, naively, that the map will include chips and chocolates for losing their figure.

We’re waiting for you here! Bring your masks of the Unmentionable and your white-and-blue and tricolor flags! Throw your girdles, books and reducing equipment into the trash! (Note: all those who are “slim” can attend, but you’ll be looked upon with disapproval and annoyance by the whole assembly…well, by the majority…well, by a few…well, by the presidium…hmm…well, I’m going to give them a dirty look).

By the Sixth Committee of the EZLN

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

Mexico, August of 2005

PS Which Paints Its Graffiti - “Be patriotic, adopt someone chubby”

PS, Special Offer - Are you chubby? Are you ill-mannered and crude? Do you put your elbows on the table during meals? Do you flick your ashes on the carpet? Do you yawn unreservedly when they read you the 50 points of the “Alternative Program of the Nation”? Do you leave the toothpaste uncapped? Do you belch whenever you feel like it? Do you not wash your hands before going to the bathroom or after eating? (or the reverse). Do you not thank them when they betray, shoot, kidnap and torture you? Do you put your legs up on the sofa? In short, are you a transgressor of bad manners? Join the Sixth Declaration! Enter the “Other Campaign”! There will be a drawing for a Manual of Carreño [a 19th century Book of Etiquette]! Take advantage of it! Final days!

The Sup, adjusting on his (still) well turned legs the fetching black garter belt (”Oh my darling, yes, more, more, oh yes, ah!” model) which, regrettably, the articles won’t report in order to play into the slender Right.