Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Further details on Plenary invitation

Originally published in Spanish by the FZLN
Translated by irlandesa

The Sixth Committee of the EZLN cordially invites you to:
The First Plenary Session of
"The Other Campaign"
Place: La Garrucha
Arrival: September 15
Work: September 16, 17 and, perhaps, 18
"Thanks to the compas at Indymedia Chiapas, you can (I believe) follow what is happening at the plenary, almost simultaneously, by Internet. I don't understand it very well, but these compas are going to "upload" what's going on to <>, and there the alternate media will act as "mirrors", and if you go to their pages, you can find out what's happening. In addition to Indymedia, they will be on the webpages of Revista Rebeldía and the FZLN"...
Live audio transmission on Internet
(information on Indymedia-Chiapas, Rebeldía and FZLN pages)...To come...