Monday, October 17, 2005

Autonomías warn of pending attack on Olga Isabel

Originally published in Spanish by the MAREZ
Translated by irlandesa

Corazón del Arcoiris de la Esperanza Good Government Junta

Caracol 4, Torbellino de Nuestras Palabras, on October 16, 2005, we are making a denuncia concerning a threat from the OPDDIC organization.

To Public Opinion:

Brothers and Sisters, Nationally and Internationally:

On October 14, 2005, members of the OPDDIC organization held an assembly in the community of Chak Akolja. Present at the assembly were the representatives or leaders of that organization along with the ejidal commissioner of Mukul Lim Bachajon, Barrio San Sebastián, Jerónimo Deméza Jiménez, president of the security council, Domingo García Pérez, secretary of the council and as Secretary General of OPDDIC, Leonardo Moreno Jiménez.

Where [at the assembly] the OPDDIC members planned to once again open up the rift and possessions, given that it is land recovered by the zapatista compañeros in 1994 and the Olga Isabel Municipal seat.

They also made plans to dismantle the Olga Isabel Autonomous Municipality, to destroy the houses, offices, bodegas, schools, health centers and the compañeras’ crafts center and to detain the most well-known autonomous authorities.

If there are any attempts to prevent these actions, there are 35 persons who have high powered firearms who are determined to open fire on the zapatista support base compañeros of that municipality.

There are 300 persons gathered together from various communities and ejidos in order to carry out these actions:

- Jetjá, Nuevo Joto Aquil, and others who will be coming from the Selva.
- The leaders agreed to contribute $50 for transportation for those who live far away, and then laminate will be distributed in order to recover the money.
- They said this action would be carried out on October 17 or 18 of 2005.
- These groups will gather together in the municipality itself.


The Good Government Junta

Autonomous Municipalities in Rebellion:

Vicente Guerrero, Primero de Enero, Lucio Cabañas, Che Guevara, 17 de Noviembre, Olga Isabel and Miguel Hidalgo

Caracol IV, Torbellino de Nuestros Palabras, Chiapas, Mexico
[Signature and Seal]